IsleShare Cycle Victoria, BC, Canada
Posted on March 8, 2017 / 162

IsleShare Cycle is a Victoria-based company that believes in the west-coast lifestyle and values, and we want to showcase it! As avid outdoor enthusiasts and cyclists, we feel that offering bike share is a great way to promote sustainability and a healthy lifestyle. We provide customized, scalable, cost efficient bike share solutions ranging from basic bike fleet supply to fully automated self-serve systems.

IsleShare supplies bikes that are designed to suit the west coast BC conditions; features such as the internal geared hubs and disc brakes reduce maintenance and increase reliability. The high quality hybrid style bikes allow for a smooth ride without sacrificing comfort. Located outside of the urban landscape? No problem, ask us to find you a custom ride to suite your needs. Want to share the services you offer with potential customers? No problem, we can add custom branding to your bike fleet. Through offering customized bike share solutions and quality, reliable products in scalable plans, we will work with YOU to find the best solution for YOU.

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