We are excited to announce that we are formalizing our mentorship program. As an active member of Think Local First we want to provide you with the tools to undertake and succeed in the world of business. What a better way of receiving that information than through an individual or business owner who has been through hardship and experienced those tough lessons first hand.


We want to put you in-touch with someone who can give you the most benefit. That means putting you in contact with someone who is in your line of business, from which you can ask the difficult questions.


This mentorship program will consist of a 6 month program where the mentor and mentee will meet each month for 1 hour. The mentee should have some short term goals that they want to accomplish out of the meeting. Together the mentor and mentee should create an action plan of what the questions are and how the questions are answered.


To start, we will introduce everyone at The Dutch bakery. We will then break everyone into one-on-one groups. We ask that the mentor and mentee exchange contact information so that they can organize a place and time each month to meet.


Starting in September we are hoping to have in person breakfasts where we can have our introductory meeting at The Dutch Bakery. By then we will also have our new website up and running to accommodate those wanting to sign up for the program.


There will be a sign-up page for those wanting to be a mentor, and a signup page for those wanting to be a mentee. Please note that this is a 6 month commitment, that even though it is an hour a month, it still is a commitment to meeting with that individual. Everyone’s time is very important and we would like this to be as efficient as possible, so please plan ahead.
We will design a template about the questions and/ or goals you want to accomplish out of these meetings. This will help structure the meeting and help progress your questions.

Benefits of being a mentor

Fosters leadership.

-Enhances interpersonal skills.

-Supporting community.

-Professional and personal growth.

Benefits of being a mentee

-Receive knowledge from someone who has experience.

-Professional and personal growth.

-Become more empowered to make decisions.

-Develop your communication, study and personal skills.