Successfully crossing the finish line on a marathon is a hard thing to do. There is months, if not years, of training that goes into such a goal. On top of all the training, there is a lot that goes into completing a marathon that many forget. With the Goodlife Fitness Marathon coming up, make sure you have dotted all of your i’s and crossed all of your t’s.


The right gear

Running a marathon means having gear that can last. You need quality runners that can provide you with the support you need. You also need clothing that will allow you room to move while keeping you at a comfortable temperature. Frontrunners is your go-to spot for advice on the gear you will need to complete the marathon. This locally owned and operated business lives and breathes running and will help you get the right products for your needs.


Physical and Mental Shape

To run a marathon you need to be in the right shape physically and mentally. Part of your mental preparedness is knowing that you have done all that you can physically to be ready. Training alone can leave you open to doubt. “Am I ready?” “Should I have been cross-training in another area?” Marathons are long and hard and can lead to injuries if you are not properly prepared. Just practicing your distance running is not enough. A run of this length is hard on your joints and bones in a way many cannot anticipate. Proper preparation is a must. Talking to a specialist to get the right training routine for your body can mean a world of difference for your physical and mental state before a race. Core Personal Fitness is a locally owned business that wants to help you get ready for race day.


Injury prevention

Injuries happen often in marathon running. You are asking a lot of your body. The best way to avoid injury on race day is proper injury prevention before the race has even begun. This prevention comes from having the right gear, being physically and mentally ready, as well as making sure no pre-existing conditions are waiting to flare up. Seeing a physical therapist at Dockside Physiotherapy or Shelbourne Physical Therapy before race day can help with injury prevention. Post race, it is important to follow up to make sure nothing is out of alignment before getting back to your day-to-day life.


Proper fuel

A car does not run without gas in the same way your body will not run without proper fuel. The best thing you can do before a race is eat properly, stay hydrated and get plenty of sleep. The sleep is up to you. As for proper diet, there are many local grocery stores that have excellent organic options to properly fuel your body. Try Peppers Foods or the Root Cellar and see what a difference a balanced locally grown diet can do for your energy and recovery time.


Locally owned businesses make a world of difference in our communities. They actively support community activities and events through sponsorships and partnerships. They offer many local jobs and they put more money into our local economies. The local businesses that you support in turn support you. With the Goodlife Fitness marathon coming up it is important to lean on this tight-knit community to cross that finish line. See a list of the other local businesses in Victoria ready to help you accomplish your goals.