If you lived in Victoria in the early 20th century, you would likely travel to Cordova Bay for summer vacation.  Your family would sleep on the beach on a bed of hay and enjoy roasting corn and potatoes on a fire. Today, Cordova Bay is a destination of a different kind. This urban community has a vibrant feel with businesses, schools, shopping and residents.

One of our favourite destinations in this neighbourhood is the Shops at Mattick’s Farm.  It has just the right mix of services, retail, and dining options. The architecture is modern mixed with vintage which creates an atmosphere of visiting someplace with history and a bright future.

The Shops at Mattick's Farm in Cordova Bay is a great spot for shopping, dining, and enjoying a sunny day.

In the 1950’s, you could frequent the Mattick’s farm stand owned by Bill Mattick. Bill wanted to sell the produce from his farm directly to the consumer, eliminating the middleman. So, it seems appropriate then that the Shops at Mattick’s Farm includes a location of  Red Barn Market.  They keep the tradition of providing the residents of Cordova Bay with fresh, local produce and grocery items alive.

The Red Barn market location at Mattick's Farm was renovated in 2017 to make room for more grocery products.

Today, you can also shop at Liquor Plus for an expansive selection of local and international wines, spirits, beer and cider. They built their business on providing their customers with amazing product knowledge and customer service. Today you can search for product information with one of their staff or by using on of their in-store tablets.

Liquor Plus at Mattick's Farm features craft beer, local and international wines, ciders and spirits.

Looking for something more fashionable and foot-friendly? The Shop’s at Mattick’s Farm have you covered with shoes from A Stable Way of Life. Their shop features footwear for a city or country lifestyle with the common elements of quality and style. If you are a cat, dog or horse lover, their collection of socks, handbags and accessories is sure to please.

A Stable Way of Life has footwear as well as clothing and accessories for the cat, dog and horse lover.

We love that there are three Think Local First member businesses  at Mattick’s Farm, which means that you can support local businesses when you shop with them.