The Victoria International Wine Festival is just around the corner on September 20th to 22nd. Don’t you wish exciting events like this lasted longer? An easy way to extend the excitement of the wine festival is to celebrate wine all September long. There are a bunch of local businesses dedicated to sharing wine knowledge and enthusiasm. Take some time to sample some local and international wines this month before the festival. Who knows, maybe you will become a wine aficionado before the festival even starts.


Wine Bars

A great way to catch up with friends, family and coworkers has always been over a few drinks or appetizers after a work day. Instead of the brewery tours of summer or defaulting to your favorite martini, why not try a new red or white this happy hour meetup. Suggest to friends to get together at local wine bar such as Vis à Vis in Oak Bay. Try a new varietal, or better yet, ask the server to surprise you.

Vis-a-Vis Wine Bar in Oak Bay is a fabulous spot for Rose's and all sorts of wines.

Liquor Stores with Expertise

Want to sample some wines at home over a good Netflix movie or with a home cooked meal? Head into a local liquor store and pick up a bottle for dinner. Liquor Plus now has in-store tablets that can help you find a wine to pair perfectly with the meal you are planning on creating.

Another great opportunity is when local liquor stores offer classes to further your knowledge. Vessel is offering a VINcabulary series to help you learn more about the vocabulary of wine. You could be bringing the perfect wine pairing to your next dinner party in no time with these helpful resources.

Vessel Liquor will once again have a pop-up shop at the Victoria International Wine Festival.



Nothing screams wine like visiting a vineyard and really getting a taste for the efforts that go into making great wine. Going behind the scenes, trying a variety of wines from a single vineyard, and getting to talk to the staff on site is a great way to learn about the passion behind the label. Luckily for us we have de Vine Wine and Spirits in our backyard ready to give us a taste of the history behind wine and the region we live in.

de Vine Wines and Spirits is a fantastic local winery - visit now to sample their wines.

With all of the passionate wine enthusiasts and businesses in the area it is hard not to get excited about the upcoming festival. Why wait for the wine? Have your own wine themed festival weekend now and get in the mood for the Victoria International Wine Festival coming soon.