It is that time of year again. To trick or treat, that is the question on everyone’s mind. This Halloween why not treat yourself and your community by supporting local businesses in your holiday shopping.

Many local Victoria businesses offer spooktacular Halloween decorations, costume materials and much more. There are tons of opportunities in the community to prepare for the ghosts and ghouls that will come out to play on October 31st.

As Halloween creeps near check out our top ideas for the holiday in Victoria and where you can get all the gear you need.


Decorations and Treats


One of the best things to do leading up to Halloween is decorating. This is the one time of year when the more cobwebs inside your home the better. Capital Iron is the perfect place to find some new decorations to add some new fear to last year. Make sure your front yard is Spooktacular as well for all those trick-or-treat visitors you are expecting.


Halloween just wouldn’t be complete without having something to hand out at the door when all the kids start to visit in their costumes. This year try visiting Capital Iron for something other than edible treats, consider giving out glowsticks or stickers. If you just cannot bring yourself to part with handing out candy, choose a local grocery store like Country Grocer, Red Barn Markets or the Market on Yates. If you want to find organic, healthy or vegan treats try visiting The Root Cellar or Peppers Foods.




Would it even be Halloween without costumes? It would just be a bunch of people, with plastic skeletons in the yard, handing candy out to tired children in their regular clothes. If you want to support local this year for your Halloween costumes try shopping at Capital Iron or Women In Need Thrift Stores. We love costumes that are created based on the reused items found at local thrift stores like WIN. Not only does it save you time but it repurposes old items and you feel more pride having created the costume on your own. It is a Win-Win when you shop at WIN for your costume needs.


Are you super crafty and know exactly what you want? Making your own costume from scratch can be super rewarding and it will look amazing as well. Gala Fabrics has all of your fabric needs if you fancy some time spent over a sewing machine creating a masterpiece.


Want to go all out and find sustainable makeup to use on your costume that you could also use every day? Perhaps you are looking to change your hair up for the fall and your costume. DesignHouse Salon in Victoria would be happy to help you complete your Halloween look and set you up with sustainable makeup for your costume and your day-to-day life.



Part of the fun of Halloween is going out with friends in costume. Not many other days in the year can you can get away with some of the outfits you see on Halloween. If you want to head to a local watering hole with friends in costumes try visiting the Bard and Banker or Irish Times. Some even say these old buildings are haunted, perfect for all hallows eve.


Planning on having your own Halloween party for adults? You have the decorations, the food and the Halloween spirit but what about the halloween Spirits? For your Halloween Party liquor needs, speak to the fine folks at Liquor Plus or Vessel Liquor for some poison brew punch recipes.


No matter where your Halloween takes you, we are sure it will be frightfully fun. There are many local businesses that you can visit this Halloween in Victoria, BC to make your evening perfect. From decorations to costumes and candy, Think Local for all of your Halloween needs this year. See the full list of all the local businesses that are a part of Think Local.