In order to qualify for membership with Think Local First the following terms and conditions must be met.

  1. The business is privately held.
  2. Business owners (totalling greater than 50% of the business ownership) live in Greater Victoria.
  3. Your business is located and registered in the Greater Victoria Area (between Sooke and Sidney).
  4. Your business has the ability to make independent decisions related to location, purchasing, business practices, distribution, and marketing. Unfortunately, we do not accept franchise businesses as members as they are often restricted in the products, business name and marketing they can use.
  5. Your business pays all its own expenses, including rent and marketing expenses, without direct assistance from a corporate headquarters.
  6. ​Businesses located in Greater Victoria that meet all the criteria above except for having 50% of the business ownership living in Greater Victoria may be considered for membership by the Board provided that 50% of the business owners live on Vancouver Island.
  7. Your business must agree to operate with ethical business practices and to make an effort to provide a high level of customer service.