Our Partnership with Vancity : Think Local First

Our Partnership with Vancity

In September 2017, Think Local First and Vancity partnered to bring the new Think Local First app to Greater Victoria. But our connection extends past the app to creating a synergy where both our members, clients, tourists and residents feel supported and successful.

Vancity supports the local business community in many ways – here are a few:

1. Changing your banking for good – Vancity is not your everyday banker. Beyond numbers and the bottom line, they add vision, purpose and impact into our calculations because a strong economy depends on strong communities.  They deliver total solutions tailored to your organization’s needs and vision –like everyday banking, lending, and investment services.  They also offer seamless advice, collaborative opportunities, and access to a variety of capital pools like grants, start-up and growth financing.  You will find a home here whatever your passion, whether you’re starting up, looking to streamline or planning to expand.

2.  The Mount Tolmie Community Branch, The Victoria Community Branch, and the Langford Community Branch offer free meeting facilities in their Community Stage and Think Tank rooms for local businesses community groups, and not for profits. The large rooms feature table seating for 10-12, large flat-screen monitor, PC feed, keyboard, mouse and are internet enabled with Wi-Fi access.

3. Each community branch has a Showcase space where you can display your business’s services, products and goals.  It’s a space where local merchants and not for profits share their stories, people discover their neighbourhood’s best kept secrets, artisans offer samples of hand crafted goods or coupons for services, and community groups raise awareness and build connections!

  • Interested in booking the Showcase and meeting facilities? Contact the Branch Concierge to inquire:
    • Mount Tolmie Community Branch – 250.995.7563
    • Victoria Community Branch – 250.519.7423
    • Langford Community Branch – 250.995.7573
    • Victoria City Centre Branch (Showcase only) – 250.995.7553
Vancity showcase space.

4. Vancity offers a workshop series for entrepreneurs that support small businesses in their success. Their Each One Grow One program provides resources to help young businesses be more financially stable and sustainable.   For more information, or to request a workshop, please email or call them at 604.709.6930.

5. They have published ‘A guidebook for viable values-based businesses‘ that will help you build your business while caring for the environment and having significant positive impacts on your community.

Resources for Savvy Businesses:


Vancity Member Health Benefits Plan

Vancity has introduced custom health benefits designed for small businesses and self-employed individuals like you. Whether you have a growing team or whether you’re a self-employed individual, the Vancity Member Health Benefits Plan gives you access to the same stable, quality health benefits that big businesses enjoy. These benefits include dental care, extended health care, accidental death & dismemberment, critical illness insurance, life insurance, long term income support coverage, employee assistance program and a flex-health spending option.


Interested in finding out more about Vancity for your business or personal banking solutions? Get in touch with them at https://www.vancity.com/