The Dutch Bakery & Diner 718 Fort St, Victoria, BC V8W 1H2, Canada

DutchBakery-logoLocated in the heart of downtown Victoria, we offer a full service coffee shop, bakery and chocolate counter. Bakery items baked on site, using only the best ingredients.

Come in and see our mouth watering display of cakes, pastries, cookies, petit fours and tea fancies. Some are gluten Wise.

Our specialty breakfast danishes include almond, cinnamon, fruit, ginger, and cranberry custard danishes. We also have an assortment of fresh muffins, croissants, fruit buns and Cinnamon Raisin loaf.

We are famous for our mocha pastries, cakes and especially our Vanilla Slices and Dollar Rolls. Come in and enjoy our legendary selection of pastries ranging from Flying Saucers to Parliaments to petit fours. And of course our Mocha Points: three layers of white cake filled with mocha butter cream and custard.

Also very popular are the almond and ginger cakes and tri-coloured ribbon cake. Choose from our large selection or consult with us and we’ll create the perfect desert selection for you!

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