Think Local First App : Think Local First

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We’ve made it easy to find the best local businesses in Greater Victoria!


It’s free and an easy, fun way to support locally owned businesses. Use the app to collect points while you explore Greater Victoria. Then redeem those points for great discounts at locally-owned businesses.

Collect Points: Download the free app and create an account. Collect points when you visit businesses on the app – 5 points per day per location.


Redeem Points for Rewards: Once you’ve collected some points, you can discover where to redeem them. For instance, 50 points gets you $5 off your next purchase of $20 or more at the Dutch Bakery & Diner.


Connect with Businesses: You can also connect with businesses as the app includes their website, email, phone number and social media channels.


Share your love for local: Want to share a location with a friend, you can do that too – right from the app. Spread the local love!

The Think Local First app connects you with over 280 local, independent businesses in Greater Victoria.

It is simply called ‘Think Local First’. You can find it on the App Store and Google Play store.

Watch a short video of the app in action!