April 15th, 2015 marks this year’s Annual General Meeting for Think Local First Victoria.  TLF, a non-profit organization dedicated to supporting a local economy for Victoria, is approaching 3 years this April!
We want you to come out and celebrate with us.  Not just 3 years of TLF but the shift that’s occurring in our community from competition between businesses to cooperation that TLF represents.  As you all know, this shift in consciousness is important but so is the shift in “putting your money where your heart is”.

How much financial shifting needs to happen?  The 10% shift is what TLF supports.  Shift 10% of your regular spending to local businesses and watch the impact to the local community.  It’s impressive how local businesses would all thrive if everyone in our community put this 10% shift into practice.  Let’s lead by example.

TLF has additional exciting news for this year’s AGM.  They will be launching the Think Local First Rewards Program.  TLF Rewards for short is an automated rewards program for customers to use when they shop in TLF businesses.

Operating as a pilot program since the start of the new year, we’re working out the bugs and making sure that this is a sustainable membership benefit for years to come.

Similar to Air Miles, it’s one card for all TLF participating businesses, and the rewards that you receive as a customer, are not just for where you swiped your card, but will introduce you to other local businesses in Victoria and the entire community of wonderful local business that are out there!

As a business owner and TLF member, you know that involving consumers is important and TLF knows that this rewards program will create more spending in local businesses.  On top of that, due to the automated nature of the program, business owners will be able to see how this program is working for them, by reviewing analytics that can and will shape how you market and where you market.

Katrina Scotto di Carlo (founder of Supportland, the basis for TLF Rewards) will once again be the main speaker at this year’s AGM.  In addition to her exciting talk showing the power of a community working together, she will be offering educational and instructional classes on Thursday, April 16th on “How TLF works” for participating business, and “Why get involved?” for businesses that are looking to take their marketing to the next level.

Free for TLF members, $20 for interested businesses and guests.  Any ticket purchases will be put towards annual membership dues for new businesses.

Come on out as a member and don’t forget to bring someone with you.  There’s no stronger recommendation than a member telling another business owner to get involved.  The bigger we are the stronger we are and the more impact we will have.

Check out the video that Katrina created for her talk: